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         How to configure it ?

         To configure, right click on tray icon and click on settings. You  will see the

         window as shown below.




             1) Setting time  [WAIT ..minutes] :

                              Here you can set the time after which the screensaver will get activated.


            2) Setting a password [On resume password protect] :

                               Here you can set a screensaver password. When screensaver is active , if someone

                 tries to stop it, password will be asked . Screensaver can be closed only if correct password is


            3) Play videos in sequence  :

                              When this option is selected  the videos will be played in sequence.

           4) Play videos randomly :

                               When this option is selected  the videos will be played randomly.

           5) Exit on single click / Exit on double click :

                                Determines how the screensaver will be closed.

          6) Mute sound  :

                                Determines whether the sound will be played or not.

          7) Hotkeys :

                             Here you can set the hotkeys. You can perform program operations directly

                             by using hotkeys. To go to hotkeys help click here     

             Quick jump   :


              b)  Adding and deleting  videos in the play list.

              c) Hotkeys : Uses and Customization.

              d) Preview Mode.

              e) How to stop the screensaver ?


              Click on the topics above to view full description with images.    














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