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   Adding and deleting  videos in the play list.




           1)  Right click on the tray icon and then click on "Main"

           2)  Click on the Add button Common dialog box will be opened.

           3)  After that the videos/MP3s can be added to the play list.

           4)  To delete the Video/MP3 just select it and click on the delete


           5)  Delete All button will delete all the Videos/MP3s in the play list.


           6)  Settings button will display the settings window. Here you can configure

               the way Video screensaver works.

           7) Preview button will  show the selected videos MP3 in the full screen mode.    


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              b) How to configure it ?

              c) Hotkeys : Uses and Customization.

              d) Preview Mode.

              e) How to stop the screensaver ?

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