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 AIV Reminder 2.3[Updated]                                                                                                                        Free
This software includes Talking Reminder. Characters read reminder for you .You can also set any MP3 or Wave file as reminder sound. You can also use your own voice as Alarm. It includes calendar (up to 2099),Stopwatch,four different types of Analog clocks, a Digital clock, Daily Alarm, Simple Alarm, Advanced Alarm ,Genie, Merlin (character) and etc. If you select any MP3 or Wave file then on display a dancing animation will come otherwise character will come .These characters can Read the Reminder text for you. If you shutdown your computer and your Alarm/reminder elapses then you will be notified by this software.


 Video Screensaver 1.0                                                                                                                   Free
Put your favorite videos and mp3 songs as screen saver. This software plays videos and mp3 songs as screen saver. It supports hot keys for all operations. It can be protected by password. Once activated it can be closed only if correct password is entered. Password protection can be enabled or disabled from settings. It contains a play list and database in which multiple videos and mp3 songs can be loaded and stored. Play list contains a small preview screen in which the preview of videos/mp3 songs can be seen. Videos and mp3 songs in the play list can be either played randomly or in a sequence (depending on settings). Sound of videos/mp3 can be muted to avoid noise.



  Startup Protector 1.0                                                                                                                      Free
Make your windows startup fast. Remove unwanted programs from startup and free your system resources. Many programs add themselves to system startup. Many add themselves automatically without knowledge of user. These startup programs not only slow down system but also eat-up valuable system resources. Startup Protector protects you from these harmful programs.





 Wallpaper Changer 1.1                                                                                                                   Free
Give your desktop a new look by periodically changing wallpapers!!! This software changes wallpaper after specified interval. It can also change wallpaper at a particular time. Just add you favorite wallpapers to its list . You will see your desktop new and fresh every time.



  MP3 Cutter 1.9[Updated]                                                                                                                                Free
Cut small part of  any MP3 song. These small parts can be useful in many ways e.g. you  can use these small parts as ring tone of you cell phone. You can use  these small part as startup sound of windows   ( after converting to wav format).




 DVD  Cutter 1.7 [updated]                                                                                                              Free
Cut part of DVD movies. It can be used to cut down your favorite scenes and songs from a DVD movie.






 Bad CD/DVD Reader  1.0                                                                                                             Free
Copy data from the scratched CD /DVD. It comes will many advanced facilities. Some are as follows

 a) Copy whole CD/DVD in one click.
 b) Copy a folder in single click.







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