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        What is Wallpaper changer ?

          Wallpaper changer is the software which can change your desktop wallpaper

          at regular interval (or at a particular time).

          This gives your desktop a new look every time.

          It supports multiple facilities like

                    -- changing wallpaper at system startup,

                    -- adding all pictures of a folder in a single click

                    --  SLIDESHOW

                    -- Manually setting wallpapers

                    -- Removing all items of selected list in a single click.

                    -- Support for multiple modes of wallpapers.

                    -- Changing  wallpapers at a  PARTICULAR  time interval.

                    -- Changing wallpapers at constant intervals.  and many more ...


          Quick Jump ::

          a) How to add the wallpapers to the list  ?

          b) How to configure wallpaper changer (Settings) ?

          c) Viewing all the selected pictures as slideshow.

          d) Removing the wallpapers from list.

          e)  Setting wallpaper manually.

          f)  Changing wallpaper mode ( Stretched, tiled, centered ).


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