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       How to configure wallpaper changer (Settings)

       a)  For this double click in the tray icon to open the main window.

       b) Now click on the "Settings" tab.

       c) you will see the following window ::



  Explanation :


     a) Start with windows :

                         When selected , the program will load with windows startup. Please note it is compulsory for the program to load at

                          startup to function well. If you disable it from startup , the wallpapers will not get changed.

    b) Change wallpaper on system startup :

                        When selected, it will  change the wallpaper on system startup.

    c) Changing wallpaper at a interval [change wallpaper after] ::

                         This option changes wallpaper at a a particular interval. It has the following format ::

                                                             hour : minutes : seconds

                         You can set that after how much hours ,minutes and seconds the wallpaper should get changed.

     d) Changing wallpaper at a particular time [Change wallpaper at]::

                      This option changes wallpaper at a "PARTICULAR TIME"

     e) Wallpaper  mode ::

                     This option sets that in which mode the wallpaper will be changed.


          Please note :: The "Wallpaper mode " is applied also when  you change wallpaper manually from tray icon or from main window's

                                "Set Wallpaper" button.



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