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         ***   Please note :: If you are unable to play the DVD clip then you have not installed

                  the codecs  required to play the DVD movie.

                  To install the codecs , click on  following link  ::

                                                             Download Codecs


                 Also , it is recommended to use a standard DVD playing software.

                There are many standard DVD players like  "Power DVD",VLC media player

                 Nero Showtime and etc.

                 A DVD movie is not played when it is corrupted ,its required CODECS are missing

                or if it is of very sort length ( like 2 secs)

           1) Opening a DVD file  [Open] ::

                               To open a DVD file , click on the Open button. You will see a common dialog box from

                               where you can open it.

           2) Playing/Pausing DVD [Play/Pause]  ::                         

                                This button plays/pauses the video being played. When the video pauses , it will

                                resume from its last position on clicking the play button.              

            3) Stop [Stop] ::

                                Used to Stop the video. The video will start from beginning when play button is



            4) Starting a new selection [New Selection  ] :

                                When this button is clicked, the current selection will be cancelled ( if any). After

                                 this new start and end points can be defined.

            5) Setting a start point [Set Start] ::

                                 When this button is clicked , The start position will be marked. i.e. the video

                                 clip extraction will start from here.

            6) Setting a end point [Set end] ::

                                 When this button is clicked ,  the end position will be marked i.e. the video clip

                                 extraction will end here.

            7) Playing the selected portion [Play Selection ] ::

                                 When this button is clicked, the selected part  of the video will be played.

            8) Saving the selected part [Save Selection] ::

                                 This will save the selected clip to the desired location.

                 Don't forget to rename the file.

          9)   Full Screen mode [Full Screen] ::

                                  View the DVD video in full screen mode.


                  ***Please note that when the video is played in full screen mode, other options can be

                       used (like bring to normal mode, muting the sound etc )  by right clicking on the movie.

                  ***When you right click , you will see a menu with such options.














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