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  What is AIV Reminder ?


        By AIV Reminder  you can

                                        set Alarms or Reminders .

                                        either let characters speak to you or

                                           you can set any MP3 or Wave file as alarm


                                       Set your OWN voice as Alarm Sound !!!

                                       view calendar ( up to 2099).

                                       Use Stopwatch

                                       Set a daily alarm in which you can mark certain days or you can

                                          select it to run for whole week.

                                     you can set Analog or Digital watch. (from settings)

                                     you can change characters !!!.  (from settings)

         Quick Jump :    


              a )What is AIV Reminder ?

              b) Help with main screen controls.

              c) Setting an alarm

              d)   viewing "Active alarms"

              f)   How to modify settings ?

              g)  Getting reminded by  talking characters .

              h)  Getting reminded by  song/sound .

              i)  Setting daily alarm

              j)  Setting  ADVANCED alarm

              k) Using calendar

              l) Using stopwatch


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