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    Settings  ::



    Description ::

           1) Startup settings ::

                          Decides following :::

                             a) Whether the program should load at startup or not.

                             b) Show the genie on windows startup :::

                                              If checked , the genie will come and tell you the time on system startup.

                             c) Show the clock on windows startup :::

                                            If checked, the clock will appear on bottom right corner of your screen on system startup.


        2) Select the character :

                       Allows you to select a character.

                       The characters can be one of the following ::

                        -- Genie

                       --  Merlin

                       --  Cami

                       --  Plany

         3) Clock type ::

                       Allows you to select a clock. The clock can be digital or analog depending on your settings.




         Quick Jump :    


              a )What is AIV Reminder ?

              b) Help with main screen controls.

              c) Setting an alarm

              d)   viewing "Active alarms"

              f)   How to modify settings ?

              g)  Getting reminded by  talking characters .

              h)  Getting reminded by  song/sound .

              i)  Setting daily alarm

              j)  Setting  ADVANCED alarm

              k) Using calendar

              l) Using stopwatch


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