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     Setting   Advanced alarm       ::



   To  set advanced alarm , do following steps ::

        1) Click on reset button. To reset all fields ,click on "Reset ALL" button.

        Please note that  if you reset any text boxes, the previously set alarm of that text box

        will be LOST.

       2) Enter the correct date on the first box in DATE-MONTH-YEAR format.

        3) Enter the time in HR-MIN-AM/PM format in the following textboxes .

          **[Putting reminder text is optional. You can leave it blank.]

        4) Select "Reset Options" button.

        5)Select  the option of genie or music as shown below ::


       6) If you have selected the option "USE MUSIC OR SOUND TO REMIND ME" then select an appropriate mp3/wav file by

          clicking on the button "Select MP3 file" or  "Select wave file".

      7) Now click on "Set Alarm " button.

      8) Done


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